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Full circle - that is the journey of life.

You start out as a seed; throughout your life you grow, evolve, and before you know it you are a young fruit. You get older and eventually the pip and essence of you is all that remain.

We believe in replanting this pip and making sure the elderly flourish whilst in the ‘pip’ phase of their lives

PIP is a fashion and home-ware accessory brand.

The PIP brand was started in loving memory of my grandmother – a true lady who always dressed up for the day. She always dressed up even if just going to the shop, wearing a hat, gloves, a string of pearls or a broach. I recall visiting her in the old aged home shortly before she passed away. She told me that she wished she had a reason to get out of bed every day - thus the thinking to give elderly people a reason to get up, keep going and with the necessary knowledge and skill ultimately do something they love.

All knitted PIP items are made by elderly ladies in the Riebeek West/Riebeek Kasteel area. The craft of knitting and crocheting is one that is more popular among the aged community in South Africa. The newest range of Summer items are made by the local ladies in the poorer community in Riebeek West. PIP applies current and international trends and matches it to the expertise that resides in this community of elderly and disadvantaged ladies.

Each lady who knits, crochets or makes PIP items gets paid for their work which is an aid to them as many rely solely on government pensions or the good will of the local community.

As the brand grows so too will the base of ladies and the support it offers grow

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